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Meet members of the LockNet team:
Architectural Door & Hardware
Project Management
Production & Shipping


Name: Vicki Heilig
Title: Director – National Accounts
Primary Responsibilities: Achieve & maintain a high level of satisfaction among all customers.  Communicate regularly with customers to identify cost reduction opportunities.
Particular Areas of Strength: Creating and maintaining excellent relationships via regular communication and interaction.  Identifying customer problem areas and working with entire LockNet team to find and implement solutions.
Year Hired: 1997
Education: University of Kentucky
Personal Passions: Being a positive influence in the lives of my family, especially my granddaughters, Interior design and decorating, Travelling
Office: 800-887-4307 x111


Name: Rob Owen
Title: Director – National Accounts
Primary Responsibilities: Develop and oversee new business partnerships.  Continually monitor existing partnerships to ensure their needs are being met.
Particular Areas of Strength: Application Engineering, attention to detail, Hollow Metal & Architectural Hardware knowledge
Year Hired: 2007
Education: Georgia Southern University – ABO, NCLE; Door & Hardware Institute – CAHC
Relevant Certifications: AHC Apprentice
Personal Passions: Family; Camping; Hot rods; General Aviation
Office: 800-887-4307 x149


Name: Elise Miller
Title: Director – Business Development
Primary Responsibilities: Working with new and potential customers to personalize their service and managed projects with LockNet to ensure all parties’ needs have been met.
Particular Areas of Strength: Strategic Thinking, Relationships, Comedic Relief
Year Hired: 2012
Education: Franklin & Marshall College; Bachelors in Business, Organizations & Society; Bachelors of History
Personal Passions: Renovating our 113 year old home, Crossfit, Reading
Office: 800-887-4307 x105

Name: Ian Greene
Title: Technical Support Engineer
Primary Responsibilities: Building relationships with subcontractors, Perform advanced technical assistance, Teaching LockNet staff, Assist LockNet Departments with special projects, Work with LockNet Departments to ensure our customers’ needs are met.
Particular Areas of Strength: Assisting LockNet subcontractors with particularly difficult scenarios so that the customer’s needs are met and their expectations are exceeded, 16 + years in the security industry managing, teaching and directing field technicians.
Year Hired: 2007
Education: Spencerian College, Lockmasters Security Institute, ASSA ABLOY, Safe
and Vault Technician Association, AAMA, NGA
Relevant Certifications: Professional locksmithing, ASSA ABLOY Certified Channel Partner, LockNet compliance agent for the state of VA, LockNet managing individual for Oregon CCB, AAMA Fenestration Associate, NGA Certified Glass Installer, Sargent and Greenleaf, LaGard, Kaba Mas, Kaba Mauer, Kaba Ilco, Fireking, NKL, Meilink, AMSEC, Hager Hinges, Medeco, Keymark, Norton, Sargent, Corbin Russwin, Arrow, Yale, Schlage, Dorma, Securitron, Detex, Alarm Lock, Locknetics, HES, American Dynamics Intellex, Everfocus, Pelco, GE, Sensormatic RF, RFID and ULTRA MAX products, and March Networks.
Personal Passions: Dynamics of life and faith; My wife and children; Learning; Writing; Spending time in the woods, Homebrewing
Office: 800-887-4307 x140


Name: Kaitlyn Workman
Title: Sales & Marketing Administrator
Primary Responsibilities: Content Creation for the LockNet blog, LockBytes, the LockNet Newsletter, The Open Door, Social Media management and community engagement, maintaining the LockNet “brand”, trade show management, proposal and presentation development, website maintenance, customer outreach, market research.
Particular Areas of Strength: Thinking “Outside the Box”, team collaboration and brainstorming, writing, creatively increasing LockNet’s online presence
Year Hired: 2011
Education: Sullivan University – A.A. Accounting
Personal Passions: Exercise, hiking and spending time outdoors, family, reading, travel.
Office: 800-887-4307 x107




Name: Chad Miller
Title: CEO
Primary Responsibilities: Strategic and executive leadership of LockNet.  Ensuring specific customer and broader market needs are met.
Particular Areas of Strength: Listening.  Using technology to solve problems and improve efficiencies
Year Hired: 1998
Education: UCLA – B.S. Computer Science & Engineering
Personal Passions: Exercise; Reading; Time outdoors
Office: 800-887-4307 x128


Name: Katie Willie
Title: Director – Marketing
Primary Responsibilities: Developing and strengthening LockNet’s marketing program.  Generate leads for sales.  Manage internal efficiency improvement projects.
Particular Areas of Strength: Writing; problem solving; finding solutions for continuous improvement; building and maintaining strong relationships with customers; communicating and training on customer needs and expectations
Year Hired: 2007
Education: Univ. of Richmond – B.A. Business Administration & Marketing; Univ. of Edinburgh
Personal Passions: Family; Dogs; Time outdoors; Reading
Office: 800-887-4307 x164


LockNet - Zach Willie
Name: Zach Willie
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Primary Responsibilities: Managing and executing LockNet’s strategy across all business units.  Particular Areas of Strength: Working with LockNet’s internal team to create and implement new processes to improve operations and customer service.
Year Hired: 2007
Education: Virginia Polytechnic Institute – B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering; Virginia Commonwealth University – M.B.A.
Personal Passions: College football; Recreational target shooting
Office: 800-887-4307 x144


Name: Pamela Anderson
Title: Administrative Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Managing allfinancial reporting, accounting and human resource functions.
Particular Areas of Strength: Maintaining accurate financial data and developing relationships in order to better manage the day to day activities relating to personnel and human resource functions.
Year Hired: 1996
Education: University of Kentucky – B.B.A.
Personal Passions: Family (especially my 4 grandchildren); Women’s ministry bible studies; Relaxing at the lake
Office: 800-887-4307 x110


Name: Eddie Bradley
Title: Manager – Architectural Door & Hardware Solutions
Primary Responsibilities: Managing and executing LockNet’s strategy in the Architectural Door and Hardware Division.  Manage the Government Sales.
Particular Areas of Strength: Managing customer projects – ensuring our customers are kept informed and the projects are accurately executed & completed on time.
Year Hired: 2000
Education: University of Kentucky – M.B.A. and B.S. Accounting
Personal Passions: Spending time with friends; Enjoying coffee at my favorite neighborhood Starbucks; Being outdoors.
Office: 800-887-4307 x129


Name: Joe Martin
Title: Operations Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Operations management including Material Procurement, Vendor Relations, Inventory Control, Shipping & Receiving, Manufacturing and supporting other LockNet teams.
Particular Areas of Strength: Make-it-happen philosophy.  Working with vendors and internal customers to ensure quality results and customer satisfaction.  Management of operational matters in the manufacturing environment.
Year Hired: 2004
Education: USAF – Information Systems Control; University of Kentucky – Computer Science
Personal Passions: Family; Golf; Travel
Office:  800-887-4307 x102


Name: Thomas Downs
Title: Customer Service Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Manage LockNet’s Customer Service & Account Administration departments to ensure that our customer’s needs are met and exceeded. Identify areas for streamlining processes, both internally and with our customers.
Particular Areas of Strength: Problem solving. Utilizing my team’s strengths to provide the best solution possible. Building strong relationships with customers. Increasing efficiency by finding ways to improve work flow.
Year Hired: 2012
Education: University of Kentucky – B.A. Psychology
Personal Passions: Golf; Softball; Fishing
Office: 800-887-4307 x116




Name: Jeff Kirkner
Title: Project Manager, AHC
Primary Responsibilities: Managing the supply of doors, frames and hardware for new commercial construction and renovations.  Take-off and estimating through job completion.
Particular Areas of Strength: Attention to details; assuring materials meet or exceed specifications, ADA requirements, and compliant with national & local building & safety codes.
Year Hired: 2001
Education: Penn State University: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Door & Hardware Institute
Relevant Certifications: Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC)
Personal Passions: Whitewater kayaking; Home brewing beer & wine; Bicycling; Cooking; Gardening
Office: 800-887-4307 x131


Name: Pam Peel
Title: Project Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Estimating, quoting and managing Division 8 & 10 projects for doors, frames, hardware, and restroom accessories
Particular Areas of Strength: Communicate with customers on their needs and working with site supervisors to schedule material to be on the job site when needed.
Year Hired: 1997
Education: Kentucky College of Business, Lockmasters Security Institute
Relevant Certifications: Professional locksmithing
Personal Passions: Family; Fishing
Office: 800-887-4307 x133


Name: Thomas Howard
Title: Project Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Review new construction and re-model plans, assist with product specification, prepare quotations and submittals, coordinate order and shipment details with general contractor and/or site superintendent.
Particular Areas of Strength: Building and maintaining client relationships.  Specific knowledge of hollow metal doors, frames, hardware, and access control systems.
Year Hired: 2007
Education: University of Kentucky; BCTC – A.S. Business Management
Personal Passions: Traveling; Hiking; College football
Office: 800-887-4307 x104


Name: Curry Douglas
Title: Account Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Working with Project Managers to manage accounts, pulling plans, entering jobs to bid, quoting sound resistant doors, working with AutoCAD to create shop drawings.
Particular Areas of Strength: AutoCAD.  Communicating and building relationships with customers.  Detail-oriented and creative thinking.
Year Hired: 2011
Education: University of Kentucky; BCTC A.S. in Architecture Technology
Personal Passions: UK Basketball, bicycling, Online Gaming, Family, Music
Office: 800-887-4307 x118




Name: Jeffrey Carroll
Title: Account Administrator
Primary Responsibilities: Administer customer accounts for any issues with billing and service; Project management for  special projects and new site openings; Reporting for customers
Particular Areas of Strength: Project management for special projects, Organization
Year Hired: 2005
Education: USMC 1980-85; University of Kentucky – B.A.
Personal Passions: Civil War history; UK basketball; My wife and children
Office: 800-887-4307 x239


Name: Lorraine Ellis
Title: Account Administrator
Primary Responsibilities: Administer several key customer accounts – communicating with them to resolve issues and implement special projects. Supporting the LockNet team.
Particular Areas of Strength: Working with customers to solve problems and address their needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Year Hired: 1997
Education: Eastern Kentucky University
Personal Passions: Family; UK basketball; Reading
Office: 800-887-4307 x119


Name: Larry Hudson
Title: Account Administrator, CSR Supervisor
Primary Responsibilities: Administrator for several customer accounts. Communicate with facilities to resolve issues and work with them on special projects. Training and tech support for CSRs.
Particular Areas of Strength: Finding solutions for customer’s problems, researching parts needed for different projects.
Year Hired: 2006
Education: High school
Personal Passions: Family; College Basketball (U of L); and gaming
Office: 800-887-4307 x154




Name: Jeff Jasper
Title: Production Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Manage LockNet production operations.
Particular Areas of Strength: Working with the production team to meet our customers’ expectations.  Critical thinking and strong problem solving skills.
Year Hired: 1996
Education: USAF 1988-94
Personal Passions: Family
Office: 800-887-4307 x126


Name: Jesse Hagans
Title: Shipping Manager
Primary Responsibilities: Implement procedures and monitor procedural compliance of all shipping requirements/regulations. Increase productivity, meeting the customers’ needs, by getting to them the parts they need, when they need them.
Particular Areas of Strength: Attention to detail, goal/results driven, focused and problem solving.
Year Hired: 2007
Education: High School,USN/Supply Technician/SS (1996-2006)
Personal Passions: Reading, Writing, Fishing, Spending time with friends and family
Office: 800-887-4307 x112




Name: David Caldwell
Title: IT Support
Primary Responsibilities: Providing IT support to all departments of the company.
Particular Areas of Strength: The desire to help in any way that I can.  Detail orientation and organization.  Critical thinking.
Year Hired: 2004
Education: High School
Personal Passions: Aviation; Photography
Office: 800-887-4307 x101