Meet members of the LockNet team:

Architectural Door & Hardware
Project Management
Production & Shipping


Vicki Heilig
Director – National Accounts
800-887-4307 x111

With LockNet since 1997, Vicki achieves and maintains a high level of satisfaction among all customers and regularly communicates with them to identify cost reduction opportunities.  When Vicki isn’t engaging with her customers here at LockNet, she enjoys spending time with her family (especially her granddaughters), doing interior decorating, and travelling.

Rob Owen
Director – National Accounts
800-887-4307 x149

Joining LockNet in 2007, Rob develops and oversees new business partnerships in the world of new construction.  He continually monitors existing partnerships as well to ensure their needs are being met.  As an AHC Apprentice, Rob is one of our go-to resources for all things doors and hardware related.  Outside of LockNet, Rob enjoys his family, camping, hot rods, and aviation.

Elise Miller

Director – Business Development
800-887-4307 x105

Elise joined the team in 2012 and has been working with new and potential customers to personalize their service and managed projects experiences with LockNet ever since.  When she isn’t on the road, Elise enjoys renovating her 113-year-old home, reading, and playing with her dog (and one of our resident Chief Morale Officers) Kiwi.


Whitney Fay

Sales & Marketing Administrator
800-887-4307 x107

Starting in 2014, Whitney aids in the management of the LockNet brand through content creation, social media management, and trade show management.  She develops proposals and presentations as well as reaching out to new and potential customers.  Outside of LockNet, Whitney has a ridiculous amount of useless pop culture knowledge.  If you want to know that one actress in that one movie, ask Whitney.


Chad Miller

800-887-4307 x128

While always present around LockNet, Chad officially joined the team in 1998.  He oversees the strategic and executive leadership of LockNet and ensures that specific customer needs, as well as broader market needs, are met.  When not at LockNet, Chad can be found training for his next IronMan competition, reading, or playing with his dog (and our resident Chief Morale Officer) Kiwi.

Katie Willie
Director – Marketing & Owner
800-887-4307 x164

After growing up around LockNet, Katie formally joined the team in 2007.  She manages the LockNet brand by developing and strengthening the marketing program.  Establishing LockNet as a go-to-resource, she manages LockNet’s content creation efforts.  Outside of work, Katie enjoys chasing her toddler and playing with her dogs Cody and Ollie (LockNet’s original Chief Morale Officers).

LockNet - Zach Willie

Zach Willie
Chief Operating
800-887-4307 x144

With LockNet since 2007, Zach manages and executes LockNet’s strategy across all business units.  He works with the LockNet team to create and implement new processes to improve operations and customer service.  When not at work, Zach enjoys spending time with his family and his dogs (our Chief Morale Officers), college football, and recreational target shooting.

Pamela Anderson
800-887-4307 x110

A part of LockNet since 1996, Pamela manages all financial reporting, accounting, and human resource functions.  She is particularly adept at maintaining accurate financial data and develops strong relationships with employees.  Outside of work, Pamela enjoys spending time with her family (especially her four grandchildren), women’s ministry Bible studies, and relaxing at the lake.

Eddie Bradley
Manager – Architectural Door & Hardware Solutions
800-887-4307 x129

With LockNet since 2000, Eddie manages and executes LockNet’s strategy in the Architectural Door and Hardware Solutions department.  He uses technology to drive for continuous improvement and ensures that our customers’ needs are met.  When not knee deep in architectural plans, Eddie enjoys spending time with friends and savoring coffee at his favorite neighborhood Starbucks.

Joe Martin
800-887-4307 x102

Joe joined the LockNet team in 2004 and has been overseeing Operations ever since.  He manages material procurement, vendor relations, inventory control, shipping and receiving, and manufacturing.  He works with external and internal customers to ensure quality results.  When not at LockNet, Joe can be found spending time with his family, golfing, or cruising around the Caribbean.

Thomas Downs
Customer Service
800-887-4307 x116

A member of LockNet since 2012, Thomas manages the Nationwide Repair and Support and Project Management departments and ensures that our customers’ needs are met and exceeded.  He works to increase efficiencies and streamline processes, both internally and with our customers.  Outside of LockNet, Thomas enjoys his family, golf, softball, and fishing.


Jeff Kirkner
Project Manager, AHC
800-887-4307 x131

Joining LockNet in 2001, Jeff manages the supply of doors, frames, and hardware for new commercial construction and renovations.  He manages each job from take-off, through estimating, through job completion.  As an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), Jeff is a go-to resource for LockNet employees.  When not at work, Jeff enjoys whitewater kayaking and home brewing beer and wine.

Pam Peel
Project Manager
800-887-4307 x133

Pam has been a member of the LockNet family since 1997, and estimates, quotes, and manages Division 8 and 10 projects for doors, frames, hardware, and restroom accessories.  She communicates with customers on their needs and works with Site Superintendents to ensure materials are received on time.  Outside of LockNet, Pam enjoys fishing and spending time with her family.

Thomas Howard
Project Manager
800-887-4307 x104

A member of LockNet since 2007, Thomas reviews new construction and remodel plans, assists with product specification, prepares quotations and submittals, and coordinates order and shipment details with General Contractors and/or Site Superintendents.  When not at work, Thomas can be found traveling, hiking, or enjoying college football.

Curry Douglas
Project Manager
800-887-4307 x118

With LockNet since 2011, Curry facilitates the supply of doors and hardware for new construction and remodels.  Specializing in government jobs, he prepares quotations and submittals, and assists in product specification.  Skilled in AutoCAD, Curry manages the creation of all shop drawings.  Away from work, Curry enjoys UK basketball, bicycling, online gaming, family, and music.


Jeffrey Carroll
Account Administrator
800-887-4307 x239

Jeffrey joined the LockNet team in 2005 and administers a number of customer accounts, managing their special projects and new site openings.  He handles any billing and service issues for his accounts, and reviews customer reports.  Outside of work, Jeffrey enjoys spending time with his family, watching UK basketball, and studying Civil War history.


Lorraine Ellis
Account Administrator
800-887-4307 x119

A veteran member of LockNet, Lorraine has been part of the team since 1997.  She administers several customer accounts, communicating with them to resolve issues and implement special projects.  She is particularly adept at developing strong relationships with her customers.  When not at LockNet, Lorraine can be found spending time with her family, reading, or watching UK basketball.

Larry Hudson
Account Administrator
800-887-4307 x154

With LockNet since 2006, Larry administers a number of customer accounts and manages special projects, communicating with facilities to resolve issues.  With a keen ability to research parts, Larry excels at developing product solutions for each project.  Away from LockNet, Larry can be found cheering on the U of L basketball team, gaming, and spending time with his family.


Mike Zebosky
Account Administrator
800-887-4307 x156

Mike has been a member of LockNet since 2008 and administers a number of customer accounts.  Specializing in doors, he manages projects ranging from new store openings to remodels and communicates with customers to resolve any issues.  When not at LockNet, Mike can be found playing guitar and enjoying time with his family.


Jeff Jasper
Production Manager
800-887-4307 x126

A LockNet veteran, Jeff has been a member of the team since 1996.  He manages LockNet’s production operations ranging from doors production, to key and core production, to Sur-Lock assembly.  Jeff works with the team to develop and implement solutions to improve efficiencies.  Away from LockNet, Jeff can be found creating new inventions in his shop and spending time with his family.

Jesse Hagans
Shipping Manager
800-887-4307 x112

With LockNet since 2007, Jesse oversees the shipping and receiving of all LockNet products.  He implements procedures to improve accuracy and efficiencies, and monitors procedural compliance of all shipping requirements and regulations.  When not at work, Jesse enjoys reading, writing, fishing, and spending time with friends and family.


David Caldwell
IT Support
800-887-4307 x101

David joined the LockNet team in 2004 and has been providing IT support to all departments of the company ever since.  In high demand, David can be found helping team members with computer and phone issues, developing custom reports, and maintaining the system.  When not at work, David enjoys aviation and photography.

Ian Greene
Technical Support
800-887-4307 x140

Since 2007, Ian has been building relationships with our subcontractors, performing advanced technical assistance, aiding in solution development, and training LockNet team members on doors and locks.   With 16+ years of hands-on experience and a plethora of certifications, Ian is our resident expert on locks.  Outside of work, Ian enjoys spending time with his family, learning, spending time outdoors, and home brewing.